I'm Jodie, or THE Red Hen. 

One of my favorites stories as a child, The Little Red Hen,  just "did it herself." It's a pretty good analogy for my life. There isn't a creative project that I can't tackle. (Except for throwing pots. I just can't seem to graduate from ashtrays.) I'm a mom of two boys and consider taking care of my family, my friends and community the highlight of my life's work.

I spent part of my life in Turkey. I have degrees in Anthropology and  Advertising and Graphic Design.  You'll probably notice a vein of that cultural perspective in me and my design work.

It's been amazing working as a freelance designer. Some days I'm working on graphics and photography, and others I'm hand crafting clothing, costumes,
or bags.

I have the upmost passion for teaching classes, spreading my love for art to children and adults, and mentoring others. My dream is to make spreading the love of design and creation my full-time job.

Thanks for visiting and drop me a line if you think we might work well together. I'm always open to new adventures.